Records Management

Many companies, despite digitization, are still in need of archiving. And not only archiving of paper documents, but also of eg. merchandise samples, prototypes and other physical effects necessary in the daily business. Scan Transport can protect your documents and values with our archive storage. Physical paper documents, folders library, electronic backup discs and vital effects can be stored safely in our archive storage and retrieved whenever you need it.

Our Records Storage is used by law-firms, manufacturing, engineering, health-care and many smaller businesses in need of storing paper securely offsite and retrieve the files and documents fast when needed.

Scantransport can help your organization to:

  • Repurpose real estate and leverage the space to run your business
  • Manage information growth and scale on-demand
  • Enable recovery – in the event of disaster

The boss is happy

when the company works smart and save money

We understand the importance of protecting your business’ records and information. We help you control your information management processes by storing your documents securely, whilst still providing you with easy access to your files when you need it..

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